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We offer lean manufacturing solutions by reducing waste and increasing efficiency using lean tools in design, distribution, manufacturing and customer service processes.  We help individuals and organisations understand and implement lean process.


We do this by working with you to address and define performance gaps that need to be closed, developing both your capability to improve the flow of value to your customers and the problem solving ability of your people so that you can sustain the gains and continuously improve.


We use CAD to design the layout of the shop floor as well as design & manufacture specialist lean manufacturing tools. A 3D model of your floor layout is optimised for production so that you can track the tool/racking/material flow and get a good understanding of the single piece flow before implementation and heavy investment in tooling.


Our key capabilities and business process improvement tools include Ad hoc reporting (SQL), tool design & manufacture (Solidworks), floor plan (AutoCad), and training of employees to be able to maintain Lean principles. This ultimately helps businesses in eliminating mistakes, inconvenience and delays and makes process faster and smoother.

What is Lean Manufacturing?

The core idea of lean manufacturing technology is to minimize waste within manufacturing systems while simultaneously maximizing productivity. This technique enables you to deliver high quality products at significantly lower costs. Some of the principles of lean system include:

  • Pull processing
  • Perfect first-time quality
  • Waste minimization
  • Continuous improvement
  • Flexibility
  • Building and maintaining a long-term relationship with suppliers
  • Automation
  • Load levelling
  • Production flow and visual control

It is through these means that lean helps productivity. It simplifies operational structure to understand, perform and manage the work environment.

About Us

Lean Manufacturing Consultant

As the leading Lean Consultancy in London, we focus on continuous improvement, helping you stay ahead of the competition by delivering the best manufacturing solutions.


Our approach is unique, innovative, yet, simple and bespoke to your requirements. Our purpose is to help you achieve Operational Excellence by improving productivity. This will give your business a sustainable competitive advantage.


We deliver this by sending Lean Specialists to your site to provide training using the Lean Temple.


Even if you are already implementing Lean, we have the tools that will give you better understanding of staff performance (KPI) and real-time data collection.


The key difference between us and other lean companies is that we offer the complete package. We will provide you with specialist tools to aid manufacturing as well as the software to aid reporting and maintain performance and capacity.


We believe in Active Learning  and our consultants act as specialists, facilitators, mentors and coaches helping teams to see something they don’t like and do something to change it. Improving productivity is about giving people the opportunity to design and implement new processes and put them into practice themselves. Using our services you’ll get value for your money.

The difference

Traditional Method

Uses flipchart to explain lean principles and value stream mapping.
Uses blocks of paper or magnetic strips to design shop floor layout.
String diagram with a group of people to identify waste.

Lean Method

As Lean specialists we use interactive screens to explain lean principles and can apply VSM using in-house software (it’s fun).
CAD is used to design floor plan.
String diagram app with a single expert operator that records the actions as well as the movements.

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